Oli’s love of music and performance began with a Shania Twain CD from his mum’s collection at age 4, and grew from there. Learning guitar and taking after school drama classes from a very young age, he delighted in any opportunity to be on the stage.

Oli is a multi-genre producer, performer and voice artist with a Bachelor of Musical Theatre from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (2015).
Since graduating, he has experienced success as a performer locally, nationally, and internationally with credits including Underground Opera’s West End To Broadway, The Harry Potter Frog Choir at Universal Studios Japan, and as a member of The Ten Tenors. Oli has since turned his focus to Australian premieres of original musicals, including Don’t Call Me Ishmael and Becoming Bill. He recently performed for The Head Bros. premiere production of new musical Hallmarked! in which he played legendary composer George Gershwin.

As a producer, Oli’s work spans both independent and public sectors. He worked on Out of the Box Children’s Festival 2018 (Programming Intern) and Queensland Music Festival 2019 (Project Coordinator). In the independent sector, he has produced William Hinz’s Genesis at Metro Arts in 2019, which was recently published by Australian Plays; and co-produced the Australian Premiere of Jesse Eisenberg’s The Revisionist, which starred Kate Wilson and Michael Mandalios, and was directed by Caroline Dunphy.

Oli is committed to developing and expanding opportunities for intersectional theatremakers in Brisbane and Australia.